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Fushigi Yugi RPG: The Four Miko Story

The Fushigi Yugi RPG: The Four Miko Story
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Hello! Welcome to a fun filled Fushigi Yugi based rpg where anything can (and probably will) happen! The storyline is based on but doesn't completely follow Yuu Watase's fantastic manga series. So what's it about?

Our story:

We begin twelve years after the book has closed. (100 years in the book) Miaka, Taka, and Yui have been going about their daily lives when a strange man appears in Yui's apartment with the book. He seems to know all about her and the things she's done. What's a reformed miko to do? Call her best friend, that's what!

Taiitsukun has been imprisoned in her mountain retreat and is unable to offer assistance save through the mirror she has entrusted to Chichiri, which lies in the shrine of Suzaku in Eiyou. The downside of this is that all of the seishi, Genbu, Seiryuu, Suzaku, and Byakko, have been reincarnated without their memories.

All four miko will be needed to complete the task. Taikiko and Suzuno's spirits are cast from the four palaces of heaven, where they resided with their gods, and have been thrust into bodies for only long enough to complete this task with their sister mikos.

Yanlou, the god of death and final judgment, has ruled that humans are too evil to populate the world. The tie that binds the real world with the book also binds their fates together. Yanlou is systematically de-populating the world, beginning with the criminals, setting a plague on the prisons in Miaka's world and working his way up.

He can not find a shred of evidence to prove that humans are worthy of the gift of the world, not even in the seishi. The seishi have been judged as worse than normal humans in that they fight and kill amongst themselves. Suzaku and Seiryuu being the worst of the offenders.

To save the Universe of the Four Gods of Earth and Sky, all twenty-eight seishi (or as many as awaken when their priestess returns; i.e. players) must work together to prove that the human race is worthy. Through their actions, Yanlou will hear their appeal... for better or worse.

Help us... help us save our world...


Yanlou is the god of death and the ruler of Di Yu, the underworld. Yanluo is not only the ruler but also the judge of the underworld and passes judgment on all the dead. He always appears in a male form, and his minions include a judge who holds in his hands a brush and a book listing every soul and the allotted death date for every life. Ox-Head and Horse-Face, the fearsome guardians of hell, bring the newly dead, one by one, before Yanluo for judgement. Men or women with merit will be rewarded good future lives, or even revival in their previous life. Men or women who committed misdeeds will be sentenced to torture and/or miserable future lives.

The spirits of the dead, on being judged by Yanluo, are supposed to either pass through a term of enjoyment in a region midway between the earth and the heaven of the gods, or to undergo their measure of punishment in Naraka, the nether world, situated somewhere in the southern region. After this time they may return to Earth in new bodies.

Yanluo is considered to be an office or bureaucratic post, rather than an individual god. There were said to be cases in which an honest mortal was rewarded the post of Yanluo, and served as the judge and ruler of the underworld.

In his capacity as judge, Yanluo is normally depicted wearing a Chinese judge's cap in Chinese and Japanese art.

He has decided, after all his days judging humanity that the world is no longer fit to live. He is fed up with all of the evil. And the 4 gods call their miko back to the book to save that world.

He needs to be proven to that humans are worth sparing. The seishi have his eye on them and he will throw them misfortune and see how they deal with it.


Plot Details:
This is the Fushigi Yugi Four Miko Story. So all four of the miko will be needed, the whirl is that none of the seishi or miko are the same as they were in the series/manga with the exception of Miaka, Taka and Yui. Taikiko and Suzuno were pulled from the four kingdoms of heaven, where they resided with their gods, and were given new bodies to inhabit temporarily.

All of the seishi will be in new bodies. Also, Tamahome will be reborn but Taka will remain as well. None of the seishi will remember their lives as seishi. All of the seishi who are awakened and accept their quest will have to do so in harmony. This means that they must work together, despite past ills and transgressions, and save their world as well as the gods and miko they serve.

If there's a direction you want to go but you're unsure about, ask your mod! I encourage you all to plot and scheme together to make things more interesting. Not everyone has to fall in love the same way, after all! Miaka might just take this opportunity to move on ;)
I have done extensive work in laying out a plotline that doesn't require all 28 seishi present and explains the discrepancies this places between the manga and this rpg.


- None of the priestesses have to go to their countries, nor do they have to fall in love with the same characters.
- The story is rather wide open. Characters can team up differently (like some Genbu with Suzaku, Byakko with Seiryu, etc) so long as it works within the story.


How to Apply:
If you wish to join in on the action, you will need to send a sample of your writing for a specific character to yahnkehy4051@gmail.com with the subject of "Fushigi Yugi RPG Application".

To apply, please include the following in your email:

LJ name:
Contact email:
Character(s) you want:
Writing sample for the character(s): (This sample should be adequate in size. Probably best to write up what you'd use as your first post so you can post it right away.)

Alternatively, you can post this information to the OOC community.


1. You must love to read and love Fushigi Yugi. You must also at least like to write. The reason for this is that in order to keep up with our roleplayers, who may write long posts from time to time, you must like to read or be interested enough in the game to keep going. You must also like to write enough to be able to give your character some in depth development or at least write relatively descriptively about their actions. I don't expect everyone to be a professional author here, just to like the game enough to want to participate in the way that it is built.

2. You must post each week or we will label you inactive and soon you will be taken off the list. Sorry, but some characters are very desirable and a week is very generous seeing as we need all of our players around to function. If you have a problem, are extremely busy, or will be absent for a week, please inform me and we will work something out. However, if that goes on for a month with no foreseeable end then I shall have to play your character for you until you return. It's also way better for us when you decide you don't want to play in the end so we can open up new applications.

3. If you are waiting on another character to reply to you who has not done so within a week, please just ignore them (or find a creative way out of it) and move on to posting otherwise. You are also free to do this earlier than at the week period if you wish to move on to something else. As long as it is believable.

4. I'm all for playing your character as creatively as you like, but please stick to canon in regards to your character's personality, once they've awakened, of course. You like Miaka and Hotohori? Or maybe Tasuki has unrequited love for Tamahome? Fine, I don't mind, just make it believable. Conversely, you want to have Tamahome get the hots for Nakago? Sorry. I don't care if Miaka and Tamahome 'can't be together'... it doesn't mean he'd suddenly turn to Nakago. If you can make that believable go for it... after you get my approval.

5. Please do not speak for, move, or play another person's character unless you have express permission from that character's player. If you do not see how this is possible then speak with me and I will help you. This is done because if a character is played by many different people it will have many different personalities. This makes it very hard to keep the character a) believable and b) sane. So please do not play others' characters for them. The exception to this rule is NPC's. Characters like random guards or villager #4 can be played
by anyone who wants to. Once someone lays claim to them though, don't act for that character unless it makes sense. Likewise, unless someone applies for a specific character not listed in the available section they are free game until someone else acts for them.

6. Make sure you have the community friended and check regularly. It is much easier to keep up that way since this is post based, not comment based. Please also join and friend the OOC community when you are accepted.

7. Have fun! We're all friends, good roleplayers, and good writers here. Let's have fun!

( * ) Denotes Moderator
Available Characters:
Miaka Yuki - phoenix_miko
Yui Hongo - yui_rpg
Takiko Okuda - the_first_miko
Suzuno Ohsugi - serene_miko

Suzaku Seishi:
*Tamahome - ogre_seishi
Hotohori - star_saihitei
Tasuki - fangbandit
*Chichiri - blue_mohawk_mon
Nuriko - nuriko_kun
Mitsukake - bohai_mitsukake
Chiriko - Available

Seiryu Seishi:
Nakago - Available
Soi - Available
Miboshi - Available
Amiboshi - Available
Suboshi - Available
Ashitare - yrch
Tomo - Available

Genbu Seishi:
Uruki - Available
Tomite - Available
Hatsui - Available
Namame - Available
Hikitsu - Available
Iname - Available
Urumiya - Available

Byakko Seishi:
Tatara - Available
Tokaki - Available
Subaru - Available
Amerufi - Available
Ekie - Available
Kagasuki - Available
Toroki - toroki_san

Other Characters:
Tai Yi-Jun - generic_rpg
Yanlou - Yahnkehy/Yukarichan generic_rpg
*Taka - tamahome_kun
Hagas/Haagasu - Available

I'm your moderator, Yahnkehy. I look forward to getting your application! ^_^